Not all rice is created equal. If you're going to buy anything from Whole Foods, it should be rice. I personally like the brown short grain.

This is more of a technique than a recipe and it is inspired by the time I spent living in Brazil. These instructions are for making 1 cup of rice which is good for ~2 people. Decreasing or increasing is simple: 1 part rice, slightly more than 2 parts water



  1. Start heating the water to boil in a kettle
  2. Finely chop garlic and onion
  3. In a sauce pan heat olive oil over medium high
  4. Mix in garlic and onion and sautee until brown, about 3 minutes
  5. Mix in dry rice to season the rice. Stir rapidly for about 5 minutes. It should be almost burning
  6. Pour in water, give it one stir, and wait for it to boil. Put a lid on it
  7. Set to a low simmer and cook slowly until all water is gone - about 45 minutes
  8. Once ready, add salt and pepper, fold over and serve